Ngāmotu News 
April 19th  2021

District Governor: Gillian Jones     2020/21

President: Sally Morch

Secretary: Murray Gillespie
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Next Guest Speaker :10th May
Fiona Young
Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Farming
Apologies for Meetings by 12.00 Noon Day of meeting
To Wally Garrett: 
Mobile: 027 859 7580
Home: 7550988
For Meeting 19th April
Murray Gillespie, Sally Morch, Dennis Eales,   Jan Dempsey, Mike Makein, David Brownson, David Lusk, Stephen Bovett, Wally Garrett, Michael Archer, David Gibson, Harry Duynhoven, Lucy Sibanda, Aby Sibanda
Apologies:  Chas Wilcox,  Owen McCluggage, Des Friedrich, Gary Brown, Tony Bird, Geoff Harding
Grace: Sally Morch
Fines:  Murray Gillespie  fined members for various topical things.
3 Minute Talk: Dennis Eales
Dennis spoke about the District Conference weekend and how much he had enjoyed the experience although slightly hesitant about the food offerings at the conference itself.
He had travelled down and back with yours truly and we were accommodated at a very nice Air B&B in Greytown organised by Sally. Apart from snoring complaints(fortunately we didn't have to share a room) he enjoyed the company and chance to learn more about each other.
Great guest speakers he particular mentioned Dr Michael Baker of COVID 19 fame.
He encouraged others to come to the conference next year which will be  hosted by The Rotary Club of Wellington to be held at Te Papa, celebrating 100 years of Rotary in New Zealand
May Social Night
Our next social/partners night will be at India Today on May 3rd
The cost for the meal will be $30.00.
Why not invite a potential member along too.
Numbers to Wally Garrett by Friday 30th April please:
June 14th Meeting- NPBHS Interact Charter Night
This will be a special night to launch the New Plymouth Boys High School Interact club.
Invited guest will include District Governor Gillian Jones, Chair of the District Interact Committee Marylin Stevens,
Assistant Governor Kay Kendall.
New Plymouth Boys High School Principal Sam Moore
The Interact students and parents, school support staff
We'll have raffles and entertainment too.
Update from Wally Garrett
From 1st May the Rent Shop will be taking over the day to day responsibility for The Rotary flats.
This includes rent collection, tenancy contracts, rental adjustments and minor maintenance up to $300/ item.
Welfare: David Lusk
David advised that Owen McCluggage and Geoff Harding are recuperperating from illness.
He has sent a card to both.
Advise David if you are aware of any other welfare issues that he should follow up.
Harry Duynhoven informed the club of a harrowing experience he recently had with an apparent scratch on a foot in his workshop.  He ended up with headaches, sore foot confining him  to bed for a day and a half with painful aching joints, and swollen foot.
resorting to Panadol pain relief which proved ineffective.
He eventually consulted a Doctor, had blood tests and a course of antibiotics which killed the problem off likely caused by a spider bite!!
Parting Thought: Mike Makein
Princes marry chorus girls and some are even Americans
Please note that the greeter now also has responsibility for putting all our meeting gear away after the meeting
Message from President Sally
Greetings in Rotary
A great discussion time was held on Monday night.  Thank you to all who participated freely and honestly. It was great to see so many present.
The decisions made will give guidance to the Board going forward.  Read your bulletin for details on the discussion and outcomes.
Look out for information regarding the Chartering of the Interact Club of New Plymouth Boy’s High School.  We look forward to nurturing them and developing their knowledge of Rotary. 
Our next social night will be at India Today on May 3rd. The cost will be $30 and it is as usual a partners night.  My apologies as I will be away.  Please contact Wally Garrett with numbers before Friday 30th.
Yours in Rotary
Launch of  Manga Tangata Centennial Book- 100 Years of Rotary in New Zealand.
Invitation to this event:


Please note that maximum of 8 attendees per club.
Register your interest with President Sally
Rotary Club of Matamata Centennial Project
The club is intending to buy some please advise Des Friedrich desnlu@gmail. com if you are interested. Great way to promote Rotary.
Continuation of Club Forum from 29th March
Two issues to resolve for the club going forward:
1.0 Meeting Format
On the table for discussion was whether the club should have only one speaker evening night and the second meeting be used for  club discussion on issues such as projects etc. It was felt that there was a need for more feedback on this issue before a final vote.
Sally pointed out that for the year ahead based on numbers of meetings the club is likely to have, there would be a maximum of 18 Speakers nights, 10 social nights and 4 Forums.
From the discussion that ensued it was felt that tighter control of meetings would still allow discussion on club matters even on speaker nights. Anything controversial should be carried over to another meeting if required, President to decide.
Comments were made that some members would leave the club if the number of speaker nights were reduced even further. 
A motion was put that we retain the number of speaker nights as per the status quo; David Brownson/Sally Morch
Carried unanimously
2.0 Formation of Committees
Discussion centred around lack of membership numbers to set up committees as suggested in the paper presented at the Club Forum meeting.
It was agreed that ideally we should have committees in accordance with suggestions by RI but thats not practical at present.
The continuation of separate committees such as the golf committee for specific projects is still seen as more relevant now.
Bulletin Editor
Murray Gillespie
Roster for April/May 2021
May 3rd May 10th May 24th Jume 14th
Guest Speaker/
Social Night
Venue TBA
Fiona Young
Regenerative Farming
  NPBHS Interact Club Charter
Greeter/Tidy Up
  Murray Gillespie Wally Garrett Des Friedrich
  Jan Dempsey David Brownson Geoff Harding
  David Lusk Harry Duynhoven  
  Wally Garrett David Gibson  
  Dennis Eales Mike Makin Sally Morch
3 Minute Talk
  Michael Archer Lucy Sibanda David Lusk
Parting Thought
  Gary Brown Stephen Bovett Aby Sibanda
If you are unable to do the duty set out in the list above please contact another member to fill in for you. Please let President Sally know who has taken your place as she will be setting out the agenda for the night.  Apologies to Wally Garrett (027 859 7580, or 7550988) email: by Noon  on the day of the meeting.