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April 12th  2021

District Governor: Gillian Jones     2020/21

President: Sally Morch

Secretary: Murray Gillespie
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Next Guest Speaker :10th May
Fiona Young
Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Farming
Apologies for Meetings by 12.00 Noon Day of meeting
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For Meeting 12th April
Murray Gillespie, Sally Morch, Dennis Eales,    Jan Dempsey,  Tony Bird, Mike Makein, David Brownson, David Lusk, Stephen Bovett, Wally Garrett, Michael Archer, Gary Brown
Apologies: David Gibson, Chas Wilcox, Harry Duynhoven, Owen McCluggage, Des Friedrich
Guests: Evan Davies, Ollie Sleep from NPBHS
Grace: David Brownson
Fines:  Gary  Brown fined members after paying tribute to The Duke Of Edinburgh's passing.
Some facts:
69 Years as Queens Consort
22,000 solo engagements
5500 speeches
780 as Patron for member organisations
Polo/ Horse Carriage Racing Interests
Great sense of humour
3 Minute Talk: Sally Morch
From President Sally
Talked about hobbies she does in her spare time
17 years ago took up scrap booking.
Documenting events with photos and words.
4 years ago moved into making cards. She sells the cards for $5.00
and donates the money to Give Every Child a Future. Has so far raised $225.00, well done Sally.
Her talents have extended to art journalling and mixed media art
She does it all for pleasure.
Where do you get the time  and energy from Sally?
Sally mentioned that The NPBHS Interact has been formed with about 8 boys. They have elected a President, Secretary, Treasurer and actively looking for projects to do:
A mufti day at the school to raise money for Poilo Plus.
They are keen to do work at The Ian Eliason Reserve, Rotary Flats.
The Certification of the Club is underway with RI.
Rotary Zero Carbon Club
Sally has volunteered our club together with New North (Rob Maetzig) to be involved in a Pilot trial. David Brownson offered to make sense of a spreadsheet of carbon calculations thats been provide as a guide to achieve the objective.
 Next Chamber of Commerce BA5 at The Taranaki Cathedral May 4th 5.15- 7.00pm
David Lusk and Murray Gillespie volunteered to attend.
May 3rd Social Night
It was suggested that we should dine out at India Today again. Murray to follow up with  Sunny.
Rotary Anniversary:
Mike Makein
Wally reminded those with a PHF that there was a special night being  held by the Fitzroy Club on the 21st April at The Plymouth
RSVP by 15th April to
06 758 5416
027 203 8727
Parting Thought:
Murray Gillespie:
It has been the way of Rotary to focus thought upon matters which members are in agreement rather than matters they are in disagreement. - Paul Harris


Please note that the greeter now also has responsibility for putting all our meeting gear away after the meeting
Message from President Sally
Greetings everyone.
Another interesting speaker last Monday night.  Evan Davies from New Plymouth Boy’s High School speaking about the community service a group of boys are involved in.  Also accompanying Evan was Oliver, Year 11 student who has transformed his life being involved since Year 9. Murray will tell you more in this bulletin.
We are still having trouble with people not ringing or messaging apologies.  Wally rings the Auto Lodge just after lunch on the Monday, when we are having a meeting, with the numbers.  If you don’t put in an apology then the numbers are not a true and correct record of attendance.  The club pays for the numbers that are rung in.  If you consequently don’t attend we need to charge you for your meal otherwise the club will run out of money.
We would like a full attendance on Monday 19th April when we are making decisions on the running of the club.  You will have read in the last Bulletin the ideas that were discussed.  We need you to have your say, it is your club.  The Board make day to day decisions but we need guidance on the big things from members.
 Yours in Rotary
President Sally


Guest speakers
David Lusk introduced Evan who in turn introduced Ollie
Ollie is a year 11 student at NPBHS who has from year 9 been actively involved in a CAB (Community Action Base) programme at the school.
He along with other boys has volunteered
every second week at the Taranaki Retreat
Gardening, moving firewood.
Completed a path to a sleep out.
Helping to set up a quiet area for time out and space.
They've also been helping the Food Bank,  The Holy Trinity Church with meals for churches sorting left over food from
Cafe's, Rest Homes, Supermarkets and doing street collection for The Women's refuge raising $3-4000
Evan explained that it was an honour for him to introduce Ollie as a truly remarkable and heroic young man who arrived at the school as a very quiet and introverted person in year 9 and has overcome tremendous hurdles in his  life
to be a role model for others.
Evan who is Director of Culture at NPBHS (Arts, Drama, Community) explained that he is focussed on investing time in others to gain  a greater sense of purpose in life.
His focus is to support organisations working with the most vulnerable in the Community needing  food, safety, dignity, shelter and often suffering from mental illness.
He says the boys are superb in supporting those in need.
He used the phrase :
That empathy is the greatest strength in life and is achieved through sensitivity.
Evan is working with The Strategic Collective to develop a website for Hope HQ Taranaki.
This site aims to identify and prioritise the needs of Volunteer Community organisations. Hoping to Unify, Inform, Support, provide outcomes. He sees linking community is the key to transformation.
Evan has worked in Springfield Prison doing a programme with prisoners of songs from the inside, with creative expression towards a better tomorrow.
What Evan didn't mention was that he has recently taken up Standup Comedy, appearing as a support act at the 4th Wall Theatre recently.
Evan is keen to have a trailer, with a  lawn mower/tools and the ability for the boys to keep  gardens and lawns for  those in need.
Stephen Bovett thanked Evan and Ollie for their presentation and their laudable efforts in the community mirroring Rotary's objectives.
Bulletin Editor
Murray Gillespie
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If you are unable to do the duty set out in the list above please contact another member to fill in for you. Please let President Sally know who has taken your place as she will be setting out the agenda for the night.  Apologies to Wally Garrett (027 859 7580, or 7550988) email: by Noon  on the day of the meeting.