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July 12th,  2021

District Governor: Mark Wheeler     2021/22

President: Sally Morch

Secretary: Michael Archer
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Subject: Aged Concern
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Sally Morch, Jan Dempsey, David Brownson, David Lusk, Stephen Bovett, Wally Garrett, Michael Archer, Dennis Eales,  Owen McCluggage, Gary Brown, Tony Bird, David Gibson, Murray Gillespie, Mike Makein, Lucy and Aby Sibanda
Apologies: Des Friedrich, Geoff Harding, Gary Brown
Guests: Peter Coles (Speaker)
Jackie Mayne
Fines:  Sally Morch fined everyone as is her prerogative
3 Minute Talk: David Gibson
Decided not to talk about freedom of speech which he is passionate about.
Instead talked about his 35 Years membership of the New Zealand Underwater Association.
His interest goes back 40 years doing a diving course through the Navy. 
David explained that the association runs sporting competitive events for:
Underwater hockey, spearfishing and free diving.
They are also involved with the environment with a separate Foundation that is concerned about the 3500 South Pacific shipwrecks  at the point of collapse. with potential oil spills as the wrecks are rusting away. The majority of these are shipwrecks from the 2nd world war.
They do satellite imaging, 3d modelling and risk analysis for pumping out oil to avoid particularly reef damage.
One interesting wreck the Niagra is off the East Coast of New Zealand
They have undertaken Ghost Fishing in the Wellington Harbour and found 45 E Bikes, 4 motor Bikes and a truck load of rubbish!!
New Plymouth Golf Club Hectare of land for Rotary's Centennial tree planting Project
An extract from New Plymouth North's latest bulletin. Provided by Des Friedrich who has been instrumental in making this all happen as part of New Zealand Rotary's  Centennial Project Forest of Peace and Remembrance the Planting of 1 million trees. Well done Des for your perseverance on this project.
From President Rob Maetzig

I'm happy to report that things are progressing really well with the Rotary
plan to plant close to 4000 native trees on the outskirts of urban New
Plymouth, thus creating a Forest of Peace and Remembrance as a way of
celebrating our organisation's centenary.
The seedlings are happily growing at Waitara (Chris Connelly is pictured
among them all, check them out), and Colin Jackson has just surveyed the
paddock overlooking the motorway up the Waiwhakaiho Hill, where the trees
will be planted (he's pictured there with his flash survey equipment).
The New Plymouth Golf Club has just confirmed it will arrange for a covenant
on the land so our Forest of Peace and Remembrance can be permanent, and
Chris is meeting with District Council representatives next week to prepare
a proper planting plan. Meanwhile we are arranging for our shipping
container, that had been used as storage for the Naki Run Amuck, to be
relocated from Urenui to the paddock so it can continue its storage career
So it's all on! Next step is to begin the planting, which we expect to begin
in September. A big team of helpers is being assembled for this job,
including from the district's schools. I think it's going to be a lot of fun
- and will certainly do a lot to promote Rotary.

Rob Maetzig
Provided by Wally Garrett: Chairman of Rotary Club of Ngāmotu's Charitable Trust

Cleaver Family Van


The Cleaver family approached the Rotary Club of Ngāmotu Charitable Trust seeking assistance with the fit out of some equipment in the family van.


This was to help provide mum (Abby) with the ability to cope with the particular needs of their son Vann.


Vann is autistic and is also deaf and has other medical problems for the family to cope with.


The Trust considered their situation, and thought that this was a deserving case, justifying the $3000 grant, whereby the family were already doing a fantastic job in meetings Vann’s special needs.


The family had exhausted all other avenues in seeking assistance financially, and the Trust is flexible enough to judge each application on its own merits and only too willing to help out.


Abby is very appreciative of the support that the Charitable Trust has been able to provide.



Message from President Sally


A very thought provoking speaker at our meeting 12th July.  I think I am right in saying it was a bit of an eye opener to many who attended the meeting.  Looking around there were more than a few heads shaking in disbelief at what Peter Coles was telling us.  Food for thought. It was a pleasure to be able to present, on behalf of the Trust, $500 to help in anyway he thinks appropriate.

As members will appreciate in an endeavour to keep to time I missed out a few messages and requests for help.

These have been added to the bulletin.  Anyone who can help with any of the items please contact me  as soon as possible.  It helps these organisations to forward plan.  If circumstances change and at a later date you cannot help that is understood.

Remember our theme for this year is:

I also announced the Board and other Directors for the coming year.   Thank you to those who Serve to Change Lives.

Board for 2021/22: Theme for 2021/22 is 

President: Sally Morch

President-Elect: Jan Dempsey with responsibility for Club Administration:  Club Programme, Club Communications, Social Events

Immediate Past President: David Lusk with responsibilty for Members welfare.

Secretary: Michael Archer

Treasurer: David Gibson

Director Services: Wally Garrett. This includes International, Community, Vocational, Youth, Fundraising

 Other directors outside of the board

Public Image: Murray Gillespie. Media relations, Advertising and marketing, Web and Social Media

Membership: Stephen Bovett and Dennis Eales. Attraction, engagement, new member orientation, Diversity 

 Chamber of Commerce

Next meeting: Tuesday 3rd August 5.15-7pm  Mr Ralph, 62 Devon Street. Lighting showroom. NZ owned and operated.  We like to have two members attending together.

 Cancer Society: Daffodil Day is creeping up on us again. They are now in the process of filling our volunteer schedule's and are needing some more volunteers please

Below is a list of the jobs they need people for………

  • Street Collection on Friday August 27th or Saturday 28th 
  • Shop Assistants From Aug 9th for 3 weeks - 1/2 day each week
  • Emergency Flower sellers
  • If any of these roles sound like you, please contact me and I will relay your interest.

  • Multiple Sclerosis: 

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Taranaki are running a street appeal to raise awareness across Taranaki and to raise funds to support the organisation with providing support services to those dealing with MS in our region. MS Awareness week 2021 runs from the 13th to 19th of September with the Street Appeal being on Friday 17th September and Saturday 18th September. They are in search of volunteers to help make this appeal a success and were hoping you might be able to assist. We would really appreciate the Club’s support with this year’s street appeal as well. 

Report on “Bellyful”, New Plymouth
On Monday 5th July I attended the initial meeting of Bellyful, New Plymouth.
There were 20 – 25 people there and there was a lot of interest.  Everyone there signed up to be part of it at the end of a professional, informative presentation.
Bellyful, NZ has been around since 2009 when it was first started in Pukekohe.  Thhey have connections with several other organisations to assist. New Plymouth is one of the last areas in NZ to start a branch as they have waited for someone interested in driving it to approach them.
It makes and delivers meals to families/whanau who have a new baby and are struggling.  Meals are cooked by volunteers at a cookathon where they cook 30-60 meals, initially, building up to the need in the area. The area to be served is wider NP and Waitara and maybe Inglewood depending on the support from the community.
There are many forms of referral for this service. Mid-wives, plunket nurses family and self-referral among others. 
The New Plymouth branch needs $3500 to get to the point when they can do their first cookathon, provisionally set for end of August.  They have applied to NPDC and another fund providor for $2500 and need to fundraise for the balance.
This is where we may be able to assist.
Besides funds they need vounteers to cook, deliver and run the fundraising, cookathon, social media etc.  You can go to for more information.
They are already planning a movie night to raise funds so they are not afraid of doing the hard yards.


Guest Speaker: Peter Coles(Mens Emergency Shelter)
Introduced by Mike Makein, Peter is a former member of our club. English born but came to New Zealand to work in the Oil Industry with Shell. He met and married a Stratford girl. He is dedicated to helping other people.
He  became involved with Emergency Shelters on return from Brisbane, 4 years ago. This was through attending a national conference on the subject and getting elected as Chariman to the New Plymouth Mens Emergency Shelter.
The New Plymouth Shelter was in dire straits with poor on site management and a run down Housing Corporation house that had been badly maintained.
He was made redundant when in Australia 10 years ago but managed to get another job even though he found this a stressful time.
To experience what it was like in house he spent 4 weeks 24x7 living there. Scariest time of his life. Stuff going on at night in particular: snoring/arguments, confiscated 5 lethal weapons, fingers broken, windows broken, doors smashed in, neighbours to deal with!!
He shut the facility down for 3 months to:
Clean it out, provide new flooring, beds, first aid, cabinets, 
computers ,laundry, tv room, reroofing, painting internal and external, 
No rules just notices indicating who is on duty, great staff on minimum wage but 3 have been homeless themselves and great communicators.
(they now only have 2 calls/year to the Police)
He explained why people become homeless, we are all 3 steps away.
Step 1: 
A one off event you find yourself homeless. That can be losing a job, mental health issues caused by the event, many have personal demons they can't contend with leading to speech and literacy difficulties.
Step 2
No income, no savings, leaving prison nowhere to go.
Step 3
"Down and Out"
No physical address hard to get anything to rent, Skint, Marganalised and vulnerable. Really sad cycle goes on.
To qualify fir housing through MSD need proof of unavailability, non compliance can be because of mental health markers on file, vicious circle.
There are 14,000 people in transitional housing in Taranaki.
Kiwi build is now balloted out and realistically unaffordable for many.
The shelter operates 365 days/year 4.00pm -9.00am
9 beds in 3 rooms. Foodbank provides breakfast  items.
Various agencies like City Life Church, St Josephs provide meals on some days of the week.
In the future they'll be rebranding as Taranaki Shelter Trust with a social media presence Website/Facebook to achieve funding targets the've successfully used "Give a little", 
and recognised that the best source of funding is to go to the community to create a sustainable funding model.
Not hard to have the utmost admiration for Peter and his team with their determination to provide a place where men can get back on their feet with dignity and move away from dependency.
Wally Garrett thanked Peter on behalf of the club for such an informative inspirational  talk and wished his organisation every success in the future.
Bulletin Editor
Murray Gillespie
Roster for July 2021
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Harry Duynhoven   Jan Dempsey
Parting Thought
Murray Gillespie   Mike Makein
If you are unable to do the duty set out in the list above please contact another member to fill in for you. Please let President Sally know who has taken your place as she will be setting out the agenda for the night.  Apologies to Wally Garrett (027 859 7580, or 7550988) email: by Noon  on the day of the meeting.