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August 9th,  2021

District Governor: Mark Wheeler     2021/22

President: Sally Morch

Secretary: Michael Archer
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Sally Morch, Jan Dempsey, David Lusk, Stephen Bovett, Wally Garrett, Michael Archer, Dennis Eales,  Murray Gillespie, Mike Makein, Geoff Harding, Des Friedrich, Harry Duynhoven
Apologies: David Gibson, Tony Bird, Owen McCluggage.
Guests:Stephen Stone(Speaker)
Judy Hanline (Past President)
Simon Northrop(ex Ahuriri Breakfast, Napier, Rotary member)
Raffle; Sally Morch
Birthdays: Wally Garrett and Sally
Rotary Anniversary's: Murray Gillespie 34 years!!
Fines:  Geoff Harding fined everyone on their knowledge of Olympic games
3 Minute Talk: Harry Duynhoven
Harry had done some homework on the recent protests about the susidies Government were offering for converting to Electric Vehicles and Hybrid plug ins.
Most popular new vehicle sales in NZ currently are Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux Desiel Utes
Average emissions for these vehicles are:150gms/km
He highlighted that for business owners including farmers that their running expenses are tax deductible. Offering a low emission subsidy is not practical for the Government.
He argued that the main "wingers" are lifestylers that use these vehicles.
Harry drew  attention to the fact that we have had the worst fires in living memory both  in Greece and Los Angeles.
Floods in Germany and Belgium have washed towns away. The North Pole has less ice than ever and the North West Passage has been open longer than ever before.
He argued that these are all connected to the global warming of the planet and the seriousness of addressing the problem even in New Zealand was important.
Ian Eliason Reserve
 Two working bees have now been held at The Reserve. There were 
11 boys from NPBHS (Interact)
Concentrating on clearing the sprayed gorse. NPDC truck has been there to take the gorse away.
Again well done Des for organising transport, tools and refreshments.
Message from President Sally

Greetings Fellow Rotarians,

I always feel blessed when we go into fellow Rotarian’s homes for our social nights at the beginning of each month.  Not only do they open there homes but their hearts as well.
An interesting evening last meeting with an insight into the history and escapades of some of our military force personnel.
The first weekend of  ‘manning’ the Cancer Society pop-up shop has been completed and I want to thank those who helped.  A few hiccups but we will get there.  
A warm rotary welcome to returning member Judy Hanline and transferring member Simon Northrop.  Good to see new people join our club. Remember to talk to them and make them welcome 
Yours in Rotary
Guest Speaker: Stephen Bone 
Introduced by Des Friedrich
Stephen's address was about Marine Surveillance carried out by The Royal New Zealand Airforce Number 5 Squadron of which he was a former Squadron Leader.
More recently he has been with Helicopter NZ.
Surveillance historically was undertaken with amphibian aircraft until the retirement of The Sunderland Flying boats in 1967. One of these is on display at MOTAT in Auckland.
Stephen's experience is with flying the P3B Orion aircraft 5 of which were bought into service in 1965 and an additional one purchased from Australia 2 years later.
These aircraft are the oldest in continuous service in the world. The Albatross is the emblem of the Squadron.
The 3 objectives of the Service are to:
1.0 Defend new Zealand Territory
2.0 Protect our people and resources
3.0 Secure trade routes
Protection also extends to Tokelau, Ross Dependency,Cook Islands and Niue, hence the emblem being the albatross spanning so much territory.
1.0 Orions are used for submarine surveillance and to stop exploitation of under sea resources.
2.0 Patrols know what's going on the surface and use sophisticated technology for detection.
Patrolling for Fishery protection in the expanded zones from originally 3 mile to 12 mile in 1977. This was expanded to a 200 mile zone in 1988 because of continuous infringing by mainly Asian and Russian vessels. At one time there could have been up to 240 within 30 miles of the coast.
The Orions have an 11 member crew and can operate down to 200ft visibility range.
Their sophisticated radar equipment can be used to prove infringement. Indeed some Captains of vessels confiscated got so peeved with this that they took 4 cases to court in New Zealand challenging the NZ Governments decisions.
All cases were thrown out after lengthy trials because of the evidence the Squadron had on their positions.
He mentioned a very challenging Queens Birthday weekend in 1994 when a Storm hit a flotilla of yachts going from New Zealand to Tonga. This involved 22 people being plucked from their vessels,  one never found with 3 crew on board. The Orions played a big part in locating the yachts in difficulty to enable ships to effect the rescues.
Winds up to 70 Knots and 10 metre waves, loss of masts and lifeboats capsizes up to 360 degrees, terrifying conditions for both the rescued and rescuers.
The following Tube link is worth watching: The Cruising Documentary Queens Birthday Storm
The Orions are to be replaced by 4 Boeing P8A- Poseidon's in 2024.
Pilots are currently being trained in America and the squadron is moving to Ohakea with excavation for new buildings currently in progress.
In thanking Stephen, Stephen Bovett congratulated him on a very interesting first hand insight into the history and current Maritime Surveillance in New Zealand.
Bulletin Editor
Murray Gillespie
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