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August 30th,  2021
(Zoom Meeting)

District Governor: Mark Wheeler     2021/22

President: Sally Morch

Secretary: Michael Archer
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Next Guest Speaker : TBA
Subject: TBA
Apologies for Meetings by 12.00 Noon Day of meeting
To Wally Garrett: 
Mobile: 027 859 7580
Home: 7550988
For Meeting: 30th August (Zoom)

Jan Dempsey, Wally Garrett, Michael Archer,  Murray Gillespie,  Geoff Harding, Tony Bird, Harry Duynhoven, Simon Northrop, David Brownson
Apologies: Sally Morch
Guest Speaker: Michael Lawley
Obviously in Level 3 we are unable to have social nights and in person meetings.
Our next social night which was to be on Monday September 6th September at Gary and Marie Brown's house is postponed to October 4th, COVID Levels permitting, at the same venue.
From President Sally
Hi Murray, can you please put the following into the bulletin suggesting members consider this option as it is split and not giving up a whole day.
Hi Fellow Members,
If you find things Rotary a bit mysterious, register for our virtual RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) 101 workshops coming up. We commence with a two-hour workshop on 26 September, then 2 x one-hour follow up sessions!
We have shifted the Wellington area RLI to the virtual format because Level 3 means that the in-person programme can’t go ahead. Currently, I am hoping that the other in-person workshops in your area will go ahead as planned (19 September for the Whanganui/Rangitikei/Manawatu Regions & 3 October for the Wairarapa), but if anyone would like to come to the virtual one, they'd be very welcome.
Workshop 1: 26 September: Zoom 10.00 am – 12 noon
  • Our Rotary World: How Rotary is organised; how that can help you and your clubs!
  • Rotary ethics and vocational service: Rotary values of Rotary and their impact on you; how your job skills can be of value to Rotary, how you can gain from the vocational contacts offered in Rotary; leadership and governance opportunities in Rotary
Workshop 2: 28 September: Zoom, 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm
  • Our Foundation: How does it work; why does it have such a good reputation and how can it help your club service projects
  • Resources for understanding and using Rotary: What’s available online, making the most of other Rotary resources
Wokshop 3: 5 October: Zoom, 7.00 – 8.00 pm
  • Creating service projects: What do projects achieve and how to get one off the ground.
  • Membership and you: How you can help grow your club.
To attend, just email me   and I’ll send you the zoom links.
Any suggestions, etc are welcome – email me, or call me on 021 455 326
Lee Wilkinson
Chair, Rotary Learning and Information
Sally Morch 
Rotary Club of Ngāmotu
A little bit of humour to brighten your day!
  1. Did you know you can actually listen to the blood in your veins? You just have to listen varicosely.
  2. Though I enjoy the sport, I could never date a tennis player. Love means nothing to them.
  3. What's the opposite of irony? Wrinkly.
  4. I finally decided to sell my vacuum cleaner. All it was doing was gathering dust!
  5. When you die, what part of the body dies last? The pupils…they dilate.
Message from President Sally through The Bulletin Editor

Greetings Fellow Rotarians,


Sally has asked me to convey her best wishes to you all at this difficult time and didn't mind me relating the following:
She has had  a bad fall in her unit, low blood pressure was the probable cause. When falling she hit her head on a draw handle resulting in a deep cut behind her ear and fractured ribs requiring hospitalisation, stitches and painkillers. She is back in her unit now but on morphine to relieve the pain which is obviously causing a great deal of discomfort, particularly when trying to sleep. 
Our thoughts are with you Sally, maybe some time to recuperate and lockdown will help your recovery (likely 6-8 weeks) as we all know you've been very active taking on a big workload, putting your feet up is deserved.
Bulletin Editor
Guest Speaker: Michael Lawley (via Zoom)
We were privileged to have Michael  (Director and Engineer of Ecoinnovations) our guest speaker via Zoom
My apologies for  overlooking recording the meeting and not taking photos of Michael. 
Harry Duynhoven in his introduction, commented that he had heard of Michael 20 years ago.when he started his company using Fisher and Paykel Smart Drive washing machine parts to generate hydroelectricity for micro power off the grid systems.    He's a New Plymouth Resident who graduated from the University of Bradford with a Batchelor of Engineering.
His company specialises in off the grid Micro Hydro/Solar solutions both in New Zealand and Īnternationally. He showed slides of projects in remote locations such as in Nepal, Alaska, Romania, Myanmar where his company had designed and supplied all the equipment enabling micro power generation. One example he quoted in Nepal provides power to a village of 100 people for $100,000. This included the supply and installation of the generator, wiring to and in houses, storage batteries, solar panels and necessary pipe work.
This project was undertaken through Volunteer Aid agency sponsorship. Interestingly the village was able to meter and charge for usage to ensure that there was sufficient money available to maintain the system.
His is the largest of any company doing the same thing world wide.
He's also developed a Micro Water Pumping system that's doing very well in New Zealand for stock water requirements in remote locations particularly in dry conditions.
This was a very interesting and inspirational talk and a great example of Kiwi innovation at its best.
For further information about Michael's company go to
Bulletin Editor
Murray Gillespie
Roster for August 2021
September 6th September 13th September 27th October 4th
Guest Speaker/
Social Night
Posponed to October
TBA Social Night at Gary and Marie Brown's home
Greeter/Tidy Up
  Dennis Eales Jan Dempsey  
  Gary Brown Owen McCluggage Venue: 370B Devon St West
  David Brownson Wally Garrett
Contact Gary
Ph 7588427 or 0274403830
  Jan Dempsey Geoff Harding Please advise Gary if you are coming with numbers and what you will be bringing Main or Desert
  Geoff Harding Des Friedrich  
3 Minute Talk
  Simon Northrop Judy Hanline  
Parting Thought
  David Lusk Tony Bird  
If you are unable to do the duty set out in the list above please contact another member to fill in for you. Please let President Sally know who has taken your place as she will be setting out the agenda for the night.  Apologies to Wally Garrett (027 859 7580, or 7550988) email: by Noon  on the day of the meeting.