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May 10th  2021

District Governor: Gillian Jones     2020/21

President: Sally Morch

Secretary: Michael Archer
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Next Guest Speaker :24th May
Daniel Fleming: General Manager and Co-owner King and Queen Hotel Suites
Subject:Taranaki Hospitality sector since COVID19.
Apologies for Meetings by 12.00 Noon Day of meeting
To Wally Garrett: 
Mobile: 027 859 7580
Home: 7550988
For Meeting 10th May
Murray Gillespie, Sally Morch,   Jan Dempsey, David Brownson, David Lusk, Stephen Bovett, Wally Garrett, Michael Archer, Harry Duynhoven, Gary Brown, Tony Bird
Apologies:  Chas Wilcox,  Owen McCluggage, Des Friedrich, Geoff Harding, Mike Makein
Grace: Jan Dempsey
Fines:  Sally Morch  fined members for various topical things.
3 Minute Talk: Michael Archer
Subject: Laughter
He spoke about the positive effects of laughter as being the best medicine.
There is no doubt that a good sense of humour and laughter is good for stimulating your heart muscles, reducing stress and increasing your immune cells thus improving resistance to disease.
He advocated that we should promote a more fun, free and easy life style with more resultant laughter.
The world would certainly be better for it.
The best part is that laughter is FREE!!
New Plymouth West- Good Home Quiz Fundraiser Tuesday 18th May 7.00pm
A team representing the club will be:
Sally, Tony and Mary, Stephen, Jan, Murray
Reading in schools:
Sally mentioned that 11 new helpers had volunteered for the programme this year.
Welfare: David Lusk
Owen (now working from home) and Geoff, still recovering from illness but  showing improving health.
The club wishes Wally well for his forthcoming Knee Replacement.
June 14th Meeting- NPBHS Interact Charter Night
This will be a special night to launch the New Plymouth Boys High School Interact club.
Invited guests will include District Governor Gillian Jones, Chair of the District Interact Committee Marylin Stevens,
Assistant Governor Kay Kendall.
New Plymouth Boys High School Principal Sam Moore
The Interact students and parents, school support staff
We'll have raffles and entertainment too.
Habitat for Humanity- Harry Duynhoven
The 39th Taranaki 4 Bedroom House is currently under construction in Waitara for a family of 6 children (6 months to 13).
Anyone interested in volunteering let Harry know.
Parting Thought: Gary Brown
Your personality is shaped by the circumstances of your life
Please note that the greeter now also has responsibility for putting all our meeting gear away after the meeting
Message from President Sally
An interesting meeting last night with a talk on ReGenerative Agriculture.  I apologise for the technical details, out of our control, which Murray is now discussing with the Autolodge.  We don’t need to have a repeat of last night for members as well as speakers.
The club formally passed, last night, for Michael Archer to take over as Secretary.  This will allow Murray to concentrate on Media and Communications.  Thank you Murray for your work as secretary since taking over this job.  I welcome Michael to the Board and look forward to working with him.
Just a Reminder. Again!!
If you are not going to be able to attend a meeting you must let Wally know before lunchtime on the Monday or you will be charged for the meal.  This applies to all members.  Also if you have a duty you need to try to find a replacement and ring or message Wally as well as myself as I write up a schedule for the meeting.  If everyone follows these guidelines it will make it easy for everyone.
Yours in Rotary
President Sally
Guest Speaker: Fiona Young
ReGenerative Farming
Fiona  (introduced by David Lusk) was brought up in a rural community East of Stratford, schooled in Inglewood, and an Otago University Graduate.
She spent time doing Post Graduate work at a Canadian University.
Her interest is in Environmental Wellbeing connected to land grown food.
First heard about Regenerative farming in 2016.
It's based on old principles with an holistic approach to farming moving forward that is equally applicable to home gardening.
Essentially it is about rejuvenating and enriching soil to provide a sustainable base for growing food that has a positive economic outcome for farmers.
It also improves health of waterways (less run off), improved native eco habitats, well being of the environment and community bringing back biodiversity.
Its about breaking the soil up naturally by planting 8-30 different species with varying root systems assisting the process that allows greater feed longevity without continued resowing. This provides microbial active soil and a variation in diet for grazing animals.
This also reduces the need to apply fertiliser as the plants naturally provide nitrogen soil enrichment through the root systems.
There is also an added spin off greater carbon storage, helping the environment and greater pollination by attracting more insects and bees.
She mentioned that farmers have been able to obtain funding via Curious Minds which has a contestable Government Fund (Through the Ministry of Business and Inovation)  enabling better engagement with Science and Technology.
One Taranaki coastal dairy farmer has sown a third of his farm regeneratively stocking 60 less cows and improving production. This has also led to more than 50% less Urea being applied and less Glycophosphate(herbicide) spraying.
The ultimate aim is to profitably eliminate the need for Urea and herbicides, go completely organic,  thus improving the environment.
Wally Garrett thanked Fiona for her well received, enthusiastically delivered, presentation.
Jan red an email response from Camilla Cattini (Our Italian Exchange student) indicating that things were gradually improving for her at University in Milan, they recently went back to face to face lectures!!
She couldn't wait to be able to travel again particularly to New Zealand but thats still some time off!
She sent her best wishes to the club.
Bulletin Editor
Murray Gillespie
Roster for May/June 2021
May 24th June 14th June 28th
Guest Speaker/
Daniel Fleming
Taranaki Hospitality post COVID 19
To be Confirmed
NPBHS Interact Club Charter
Te Araroa Cycleway
Andrea Brown
Greeter/Tidy Up
Wally Garrett Des Friedrich Owen McCluggage
David Brownson Geoff Harding Jan Dempsey
Harry Duynhoven Sally Morch Gary Brown
David Gibson   Stephen Bovett
Mike Makein Michael Archer Dennis Eales
3 Minute Talk
Lucy Sibanda David Lusk Sally Morch
Parting Thought
Stephen Bovett Aby Sibanda Tony Bird
If you are unable to do the duty set out in the list above please contact another member to fill in for you. Please let President Sally know who has taken your place as she will be setting out the agenda for the night.  Apologies to Wally Garrett (027 859 7580, or 7550988) email: by Noon  on the day of the meeting.