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September 13th,  2021
Club Forum

District Governor: Mark Wheeler     2021/22

President: Sally Morch

Secretary: Michael Archer
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Next Guest Speaker : Mary Robinson
Subject: Advanced Care Planning
Apologies for Meetings by 12.00 Noon Day of meeting
To Wally Garrett: 
Mobile: 027 859 7580
Home: 7550988
For Meeting: 13th September

Jan Dempsey, Wally Garrett, Michael Archer,  Murray Gillespie,  Geoff Harding, Tony Bird, Harry Duynhoven, Simon Northrop, David Brownson, David Gibson, Abby Sibanda, Lucy Sibanda, David Lusk, Jan Dempsey, Dennis Eales, Owen McCluggage
Apologies: Sally Morch, Gary Brown, Judy Hanline, Stephen Bovett
Meeting chaired by Past President David Lusk in Sally's absence:
Raffle: Geoff Harding
Fines: Geoff Harding testing our knowledge of current happenings
3 Minute speaker : Simon Northrop
A wonderful way to introduce himself to our club talking about his  Volunteer work at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. Every year for 2 weeks with 60 others from round the world they collect food and feed out to 95 (currently) orphaned elephants. The've been rescued from a background of abuse, broken limbs, logging labour, land mine accidents, torture, circus and a myriad of other avenues.There is a hospital on site  and they are fed 300 kilo's of food each day to enable a full filling life.
He explained that they have an intelligent hierarchy where there are 6 herds and each new  young orphan selects which herd to join and they are cared for by the herd for their first 16 years. 
100 years ago there were :
10 Million elephants in Africa today  only 400,000
300,000 in Asia now 40,000
100,000 in Thailand now 450
From Des Friedrich
Re: Trees for Peace and Remembrance Rotary Centennial roject- New Plymouth Golf Club
Des provided an update of progress:
Grant for $22,000  (gone into a separate trust account) has been approved by the District. Covering the cost of the 4000 trees with about $800.00 left over.
A covenant has been put on the land and trees planted  (Native to the area and provided by a Te Atiawa Nursery) will never be able
 to be cut down.
A blessing by the local Hapu will be  on Wednesday 23rd September at 9.00am with two trees planted and a breakfast after at The Golf Club open to all rotarians.
 Its a network project with additional funding to meet costs provided by each club. Our club is the lead club for the Project.
Chris Connelly- Tree Planting
Rob Maetzig- PR
David Lusk: Shelter
Dennis Sole: Equipment
Overall oversight: Des Friedrich.
One energetic person will be appointed from each club to be involved. 
David Brownson offered to be our clubs representative
The intention is to approach 2 schools Bell Block and Puketau and have every student plant a tree and have a photo taken. 
David Lusk congratulated Des on such a wonderful effort over a  7 month period to bring all interested parties together (particularly iwi) and be such a wonderful community asset
Annual Golf tournament- Friday november 12th:  Murray Gillespie Convenor
Major beneficiary: Alzheimers Taranaki
Publicity letter, poster and entry forms have been emailed to past and potential teams and Sponsors. (Available on our website).
This year teams will have the option of drawing a celebrity as their 5th Team member for $300.00
Murray mentioned that Celebrities committed so far are:
Conrad Smith
Grant Moorhead
Craig Owen
Bryan Vickery
Laurence Corlett (CEO Taranaki RFU) and may be able to get some Taranaki NPC Players to volunteer.
Several others have been approached awaiting decisions.
Will be finalising the list by the end of september.
Any member with contacts and suggestions welcome to contact Murray
Harry Duynhoven would welcome any suggestion sfor speakers
Paring Thought:
David Lusk
Friends we meet along the way make us appreciate the journey.
Message from President Sally 

Greetings Fellow Rotarians,

Yours in Rotary,
Sally Morch 
Rotary Club of Ngāmotu


Club Forum: Led by Wally Garrett
Wally used as the basis of our Forum discussion  quotes from: 'Creatures of Habit"
Understanding and disrupting the patterns of service club membership decline.
By Mark Huddleston from the Rotary Club of Seaford (South Australia)
He's a much sort after strategist, commentator, presenter and trainer in membership development.
Wally provide thought provoking discussion on the following:
What motivates you to come to Rotary and why do you belong?
Regular  contact with members for community projects , hearing from community leaders, engaging with youth, learning about members and  cementing friendships.
Where is the Club likely to be in 5-10 years time?
Likely to be irrelevant if there is a continuation of an ageing and declining membership that doesn't reflect the community demography in age, ethnicity and diversity.
Why do we continue to organise club meetings that have little appeal to younger members:
Toasts and Grace(non secular), Fine sessions for the sake of it rather than for genuine member misdemeanours.
Shrapnel box what's it for?
Why do we produce Bulletins (too wordy) that no one reads and for that matter a website/ facebook page that members are unaware of or contribute nothing towards!!
Why do members not apologise for meetings  correctly and not arrange to have their roster duty carried out by another member?
Why are projects supported by a few members not the whole club?
Where is our Strategic Plan for 5-10 years time?
Why don't we do a club SWOT analysis; David Gibson offered to do this.
Should we be meeting at a different time:  Breakfast, Luncheon with cheaper meals and shorter meeting times for working members?
We have insufficient members who are still working.
We lack the skills to promote our Website and Facebook pages. Indeed many members reluctant or unable to use these avenues for information about club happenings and events yet these are the very things members we are trying to attract, look at in deciding whether to join or  not.
This is being addressed with a District 9940 Saturday 13th September Zoom meeting on Facebook conducted by Ramola Duncan (Past President Rotary Club of Awapuni) can't wait, more about this after the session.
Editor Note
A lively discussion with great participation from a very well attended meeting.
Many points raised were no different to our last forum on the same subject in November 2020. In fairness we have seen a slight membership gain since then.
On reflection I offer the following:
We need to organise a special meeting inviting a prominent young New Zealand Rotarian to be our guest speaker that can project an appealing image of what made them join Rotary  and how our club could be more relevant to younger working members.
This should also be an opportunity to invite potential members.
Maybe a better alternative to this could be to host a Chamber of Commerce BA5  (We are members) and invite the prominent young Rotarian  (Ramola would be ideal) to address the meeting. After all the Chamber of Commerce members are the very people we are trying to attract. 
Dear Presidents and members,
Please accept this invitation on behalf of Inglewood Rotary Club members to attend a group social dinner and show night at our recently renovated Rotary House for dinner and then seeing the latest production at Inglewoods Cue Theatre on Tuesday 2nd November 2021, called Unoriginal Sin.  By all accounts a great comedy. 
At this time I would like to get an idea of numbers asap and get seats on hold.  I will advise in due course of the dates I require firm confirmation of numbers and payments to be made. 
David Tristram - Nominated as one of Creative Black Country's prestigious 100 Masters, David Tristram is one of the UK's most popular and performed comedy playwrights. On average, one of his 29 published comedies is being performed somewhere in the world every single day. 
Dinner and show is $45 per person and Inglewood Club will have a raffles on sale as well. Refreshments on sale.
Please join us for a fantastic night.
Gloria O'Dowd
Inglewood Rotary Club
Please advise Sally if you are interested
Bulletin Editor
Murray Gillespie
Roster for September/October/November 2021
September 27th October 4th October 11th November 8th
Guest Speaker/
Mary Robinson
Advance care planning
Social Night at Gary and Marie Brown's home
Pip Guthrie
Bryan Vickery
Media Today
Greeter/Tidy Up
Jan Dempsey   Simon Northrop Stephen Bovett
Owen McCluggage Venue: 370B Devon St West Gary Brown David Brownson
Harry Duynhoven
Contact Gary
Ph 7588427 or 0274403830
Owen McCluggage Des Friedrich
Geoff Harding Please advise Gary if you are coming with numbers and what you will be bringing Main or Desert Judy Hanline Murray Gillespie
Des Friedrich   Murray Gillespie Wally Garrett
3 Minute Talk
Judy Hanline   Sally Morch Mike Makein
Parting Thought
Tony Bird   Geoff Harding Aby Sibanda
If you are unable to do the duty set out in the list above please contact another member to fill in for you. Please let President Sally know who has taken your place as she will be setting out the agenda for the night.  Apologies to Wally Garrett (027 859 7580, or 7550988) email: by Noon  on the day of the meeting.