Financial Assistance to Cleaver family by the Rotary Club of Ngāmotu Trust 
enabling the fit out of a van for Vann Cleaver.

The Cleaver family approached the Rotary Club of Ngāmotu Charitable Trust seeking assistance with the fit out of some equipment in the family van.

This was to help provide mum (Abby) with the ability to cope with the particular needs of their son Vann.

Vann is autistic and is also deaf and has other medical problems for the family to cope with.

The Trust considered their situation, and thought that this was a deserving case, justifying the $3000 grant, whereby the family were already doing a fantastic job in meetings Vann’s special needs.

The family had exhausted all other avenues in seeking assistance financially, and the Trust is flexible enough to judge each application on its own merits and only too willing to help out.

Abby is very appreciative of the support that the Charitable Trust has been able to provide.