Rotary Club of Ngāmotu presented with a Team Award by New Plymouth MP Glen Bennett at Volunteering New Plymouth Annual Award Presentation Saturday 5th December at The New Plymouth District Council.
The Rotary Club of Ngāmotu set a goal for the 2020/21 year of increasing participation in Community Service.  Previously it was easy to raise money through raffles and other activities and present local organisations with a cheque from funds.  President Sally Morch wanted the club to become more hands on support for worthy local organisations that needed help.
In previous years the club members have assisted at the Relay4Life event.  On the day members would man the  ice-cream caravan. In 2021 March they President Sally and club member ADG Des Friedrich will have the task of assisting with raising the flag, president Sally is secretary of the organising committee for Relay4Life and members will be assisting with “Handing out Beads for Laps Completed”
During Covid, Club members Des Friedrich and Wally Garrett along with President Sally began to develop a more in-depth relationship with the Cancer Society.  Initially members gave of their time to man a pop-up stall in Centre City during August 2020.  Club members clocking up 52 hours over the four weeks. Members went on to assist by washing, servicing and maintaining the Society’s cars, making sure the Society knew when the cars’ warrants, registration and professional servicing were due.  
The club members also began the task of washing the windows of the Cancer Society’s building in Lorna Street.
The club has committed to organise a roster for the first week of the stall in Centre City wrapping shopper’s Christmas presents.  All proceeds from this go to the Cancer Society. The club have been assisted in this task by members of the Inner Wheel club and New Plymouth North Rotary Club.
The Cancer Society appreciated the Club’s help and nominated them for an award with Volunteering New Plymouth.  On 5th December the Rotary Club of Ngāmotu were presented with a Team Recognition Award at a function at the New Plymouth District Council Chambers.
President Sally receiving the award.